Puntotours Giro D'Italia Bookings for Haute Route 2017 now open Come ride the roads Coppi trained on... and compete on climbs that made him a legend Qualify this year in our hometown Varese for the 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships (also in Varese!)


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Puntotours and Wilier

We are very to again be working with one of Italy's most well-known and respected bike brands, Wilier Triestina. This is what Competitive Cyclist has to say about Wilier:

“While they're (Wilier) aware of their historical pedigree, they are unaddicted to sentimentality. Instead Wilier has embraced the most modern materials and methods to produce road racing frames that aren't just best-from-Italy, but the best available anywhere.”

The cost to hire one of our hire bikes can vary depending on the length of the tour. For example, on one of our Classic or Gourmet ten day tours, the cost is €330.  If you wish to hire a bike, simply indicate this on the booking form.  In due course we will ask you to complete our detailed Bike Fit Form.  That way we'll ensure that the bike is set up correctly before you come on tour.  Please remember to bring your own pedals and shoes, and your saddle if you can only get comfortable on yours!

PuntoTours will service the bike and ensure that it is in optimum riding condition.  Note that you will be used to the brake lever operating the front brake on either the left or right hand side of the handle bars. Make sure you indicate your preference on the Bike Fit Form.

Your responsibility:   The bike is loaned to you in good faith that you will look after it as if it were your own.  We ask that you always store the bike sensibly and lock it when unattended (a lock will be supplied).  When riding your bike we ask that you don't take any unnecessary risks.  We understand that accidents can happen and do not hold you responsible for any loss or damage to the bike, unless we deem that the damage or loss to your hire bike is due to your reckless behaviour.

We have tested the bikes and are pleased to provide the following two models for hire to our clients.  We know you'll enjoy riding these wonderful bikes!

Wilier GranTurismo


The GranTurismo slots in just underneath Wilier’s top level Cento1 and as the name suggests, is ideally suited to the variety of road challenges a Pro would face in a Grand Tour. It really does excel in any territory. With its monocoque frame – and fork! - its razor edge design overlaps top and down tubes at the head tube to form a single, integrated and reinforced unit. Combined with the unique lines of the specially structured fork, Wilier have optimized lateral stiffness and front end stability for quick accelerations as well as smooth, precise handling at speed. It is superbly comfortable for those longer rides and as one bike reviewer said: “.. if we had to have just one bike, the Gran Turismo would be one worth serious consideration”.

All our bikes are fitted with compact gearing suitable for the terrain in Europe.

Bring Own Bike

For some, there's nothing better than doing a tour with an “old” friend. Please make sure your bike has been recently professionally serviced and has the appropriate gearing for the tour. More details will be provided in your Pre-Tour Information upon booking.

Things to check with your travel insurance for your bike - will it cover your bike to market value; will it cover any sort of loss or damage both in transit and whilst on tour; will it cover you if participating in a race event such as a Granfondo?

For those bringing bike cases, there will be a nominal cost to transport them from the start hotel to finish hotel. Transport of soft bike cases can be free of charge, but ultimately depends on there being sufficient room in the van.  Transport of bike case for guests who wish to leave mid-tour, will be at an additional fee.

Our guides will have the necessary tools for you to reassemble your bike and will be happy to assist if needed. While on tour, our mechanically trained tour guides carry basic spares and will be able to fix punctures and minor repairs free of charge.  However, any parts and repairs by cycle shops along the way will be at your expense.

Wilier GranTurismo

Wilier GranTurismo
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Wilier GranTurismo

Wilier GranTurismo