Crete Classic

Difficulty  Medium

10 Days - €2,850.00 approx US$3,399

Terrain: Hilly - Mountainous
Daily Distance: Average 70km / 43mi
Total Distance: Approx 500km / 310mi
Total Ascent: Approx 9000m / 30,000ft

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10 - 19 October 2017 (Closed - ask us about next departure date)

A new cycling paradise is emerging on the Greek island of Crete, offering truly unique cycling scenery.  Only here can you view snow capped mountains, the 'Lefka Ori', and at the same time enjoy sparkling, Mediterranean coastal views of both the Cretan and Libyan Sea.  You will enjoy good, lightly trafficked roads in typical mild, Mediterranean weather conditions.  On top of this, delight in delicious, authentic Cretan food, great hospitality and high quality accommodation.   Be one of the first to discover this cycling paradise!

This is also a great tour for non-riding partners and family.  Besides the glorious beaches, there are a myriad things to do such as visiting Greek ruins and monasteries, hiking, olive oil tasting, shopping and more.

What's included:

  • All hotel accommodation (twin share)
  • Breakfasts
  • Introductory Lunch, and Lunch Day 3
  • Dinners (except 1)
  • 2 Guides on tour (one fully qualified mechanic)
  • Van support throughout tour
  • Transfers from and to the airport (early morning)
  • All in-tour transfers
  • Snacks and food supplements including electrolytes during tour
  • Activities which depend on the region we are visiting. Examples include wine/cheese/olive oil tastings, boat trips
  • Garmin 800 loan unit with maps for duration of tour
  • 1 PuntoTours cycling kit (cycling jersey, knicks and socks) per guest
  • 1 day pack per guest
  • Detailed printed Tour information booklet.

Day One - Chania Warm-up Ride
Main Route: 40km / 25mi
Total Ascent: 100m / 330ft
This is a warm-up ride to ease the legs and body into it.  Some of you may have only recently stepped off a plane, so this ride offers a great way to “tease” out that tiredness. The ride will be on almost flat terrain and offer great views of the countryside, winding through traditional villages of Kydonia.

Day Two - Chania Loop to Theriso, Meskla, Kyrtomados and Stalos
Main Route: 50km / 30mi
Total Ascent: 1,170m / 3,800ft
Our first day's ride is on flat terrain.  After an easy warm up, we'll take a quiet road through the famous gorge of Theriso.  Scenic roads wind through traditional villages and past local cafes where we'll take a little rest.  There will be an extraordinary view on the top of the mountain before the final descent of the day.

Day Three - Chania Ride and Sailing Excursion from Old Harbour
Main Route: 20km / 12mi
After a very short ride, we have the chance to get to know the old harbour of Chania, and have a short sailing adventure.  A bit of a rest day before you explore other areas of Crete in the following days.  Lunch is included.

Day Four - Chania to Kissamos
Main Route: 75km / 65mi
Total Ascent: 1,400m / 4,600ft
What a ride!  The wild scenery is captivating, and the road provides a bit of a challenge.  A solid course which includes several mountains, gorges and natural springs along the way!

Day Five - Kissamos Loop to Topolia, Enia Choria, Kampoi and Sfinari
Main Route: 70km / 43mi
Total Ascent: 1400m / 4,600ft
An adventurous day's ride on the borders of Western Crete.  An undulating route through quaint villages and diverse scenery provides much to enjoy!

Day Six - Kissamos Loop to Kaloudiana, Afrata, Voulgaro and Kaloudiana
Main Route: 60km / 37mi
Total Ascent: 1,000m / 3,300ft
A day to enjoy Crete in the bloom of Spring, as we ride a short but challenging course.  We'll take a break for lunch in an enchanting village where the views and delicious local dishes will make you forget your legs!

Day Seven - Kissamos to Palaiochora
Main Route: 70km / 43mi
Total Ascent: 1,400m / 4,600ft
Today we ride past the village of Vouves where we'll see the most ancient, one thousand year old olive tree of Crete.  We traverse the Chania prefecture from the north to the South.  Let's hope for a tail wind!

Day Eight - Palaiochora Loop to Kantanos, Temenia, Stratoi, Azogyre and Androi
Main Route: 50km / 30mi
Total Ascent: 1,000m / 3,300ft
We continue our Greek Odyssey with a challenging ride.  Again it's a shorter but quite demanding course, but achievable by everyone.  Only a total of 1,000m to climb!  This a route where you can again really enjoy the Cretan spring countryside.  We'll replenish our legs with a lunch stop in the old school in Anydrus village, followed by spectacular views of a magnificent gorge.

Day Nine - Palaiochora Loop to Sarakina, Strovles, Aligoi and Plemeniana
Main Route: 65km / 40mi
Total Ascent: 1,400m / 4,500ft
A terrific day's ride once more exploring a little more of the border of western Crete.  Our last ride with a some challenges as we discover other lovely old villages, each with their own charm, before finishing in plenty of time for our final feast on this wonderful island!

Day Ten - Goodbye!
Eις το Επανιδείν - until we meet again!!

Recommended Arrival Airport: Chania International (CHQ)
Recommended Departure Airport: Chania International (CHQ)