UCI Rhodes Granfondo Qualifier

Difficulty  Medium

8 Days - €1,950.00 approx US$2,102

Terrain: Hilly - Mountainous
Daily Distance: Average 75km / 46mi
Total Distance: Approx 450km / 280mi
Total Ascent: Approx 4,800m / 15,700ft

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17 - 24 April 2017 (10 PLACES REMAIN), Confirmed Departure!

The island of Rhodes is located at the crossroads of two major sea routes in the Mediterranean. One between the Aegean Sea and the coast of the Middle East ,and the other between Cyprus and Egypt. This is the meeting point of three continents, and as a consequence Rhodes has known many civilisations.

Rhodes boasts splendid climate, breathtaking scenery and roads ideal for cycling. It provides an ideal training week for you and your friends.  You’ll be treated like pro riders and will share the latest training techniques, bike maintenance, dietary requirements, in fact everything related to bike culture.

The "UCI Rhodes Granfondo" is the first European qualifier event for the 2017 Finals in Abli, France. It gives the participants and their accompanying friends and families, the chance to enjoy both the Aegean countryside, and participate or watch a high quality event, right at the sea’s edge. A perfect combination for a vacation with a cycling bent!

This is also a great tour for non-riding partners and family.  Besides the glorious beaches, and cheering you on in your event(s), there are a myriad things to do such as visiting Greek ruins and monasteries, hiking, olive oil tasting, shopping and more.

You may also like to consider joining our Crete Guinea Pig Tour, as a fantastic lead in to this week of racing!

Qualifying for the UCI World Championship Granfondo, Albi, France:
Our UCI Rhodes Granfondo Qualifier tour, gives you a few options in which to qualify.

  1. Participate in the Time Trial event, finish in the top 25% of your age group and you’ve qualified.

  2. Participate in one of the two Road Race, finish in the top 25% of your age group and you’ve qualified.

  3. Participate in all three events (1 TT and 2 Road Races) and finish in the top 25% of your age group combined for the three events and you qualify for both the TT and Road Race.

This format is unique and gives you multiple chances of qualifying. Great if you should have a bad day or even a mechanical!

PuntoTours will take care of all logistics. You’ll feel like a pro from the time we collect you from the airport.  Your hosts are very experienced racers.  Our tour leader has won the Haute Route Pyrenees in 2014, come 3rd outright in the Haute Route Triple Crown event for 2015, and finished 9th in the last UCI World Championship event in Perth 2016.

What's included:

  • Airport transfer pre and post tour.
  • Seven nights accommodation in a beautiful hotel close to the race village (twinshare)
  • All breakfasts and evening meals at hotels and restaurants
  • Comprehensive support from qualified mechanic
  • Experienced staff providing ride strategy, local knowledge and guidance
  • Private masseur for the entire week
  • Complimentary sport food and drink bottles
  • Exclusive PuntoTours support station throughout the race
  • Complimentary PuntoTours cycling kit (cycling jersey, bib knicks and socks)
  • 1 day pack per guest

Day One - 17 April, Warm-up Ride
Main Route: 40km / 25mi
Total Ascent: 100m / 330ft
We will collect you from the airport, deliver you to the hotel and assemble your bike.  We then take you for a small warm-up ride on roads around Rhodes to tease out some of the jet-lag.

Day Two - 18 April, Road Race 1 Course Recon
Main Route: 95km / 60mi
Total Ascent: 1,200m / 4,000ft
Today we'll ride the road stage for the UCI qualifier event.  A support vehicle will follow us, so you can choose to only do part or the entire course.  Either way, we'll scout the entire route and discuss tactical opportunities and threats.

Day Three - 19 April, Road Race 2, Course Recon
Main Route: 75km / 46mi
Total Ascent: 1,000m / 3,300ft
We ride the second road stage for the UCI qualifier.  Again, the support vehicle will follow so you can choose to do only part or the entire ride.  Another great way to review the course for tactical opportunities and threat strategy. 

Day Four - 20 April, ITT Course Recon
Main Route: 30km / 18mi
Total Ascent: 200m / 660ft
You guessed it from today's distance! Today we will scout the Time Trial course.  For those wanting to do some extra miles, or not intending on doing the TT event, we have two optional, scenic rides.

Day Five - 21 April, ITT Race Day
Main Route: 10km / 6mi
Total Ascent: 150m / 490ft
Today is the Individual TT race day!  We'll have you there ready for the start, with the luxury of waiting in our tent for your time slot.  We'll have a wind trainer there should you wish, for warm-up purposes.  For those not competing in the Time Trial, we'll have an easy ride planned for you.

Day Six - 22 April, Road Race 1
Main Route: 95km / 60mi
Total Ascent: 1,200m / 4,000ft
Today is Race Day!  The great thing is that you will have already scouted the course, with us knowing where you will launch your attack!

Day Seven - 23 April, Road Race 2
Main Route: 75km / 46mi
Total Ascent: 1,000m / 3,300ft
The last Race Day! If you are competing for the general classification, or you missed out on placing in the previous road race, today you have to keep focussed and give it all!

Day Eight - 24 April, Goodbye
Goodbye and farewell!  We'll assist you with the packing of your bike and shuttle you to the airport

Recommended Arrival Airport: Rhodes International
Recommended Departure Airport: Rhodes International