Haute Route Rockies Acclimatisation Tour

Difficulty  Medium-Hard

6 Days - See options below.

Terrain: Mountainous
Daily Distance: Approx 70 - 100km
Total Distance: Main Route 350km
Total Ascent: Approx 1000 - 2000m

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17 - 22 June 2017 (4 PLACES REMAIN)


  • 2 days/1 night, 21-22/06/2017, twinshare €390.00
  • 3 days/2 nights, 20-22/06/2017, twinshare €780.00
  • 4 days/3 nights, 19-22/06/2017, twinshare €1,170.00
  • 5 days/4 nights, 18-22/06/2017, twinshare €1,560.00
  • 6 days/5 nights, 17-22/06/2017, twinshare €1,950.00

Single room supplement €95/night.

The Haute Route Rockies is a challenging event not only because of the distance and climbing, but also because of the high altitude of the location, always 2000m above sea level.
Really enjoy the week of racing from the very first day, by allowing time for your body to acclimatise at this high altitude for a few days. There is no need to train hard, just tapering as you normally do before a race like this but doing it at the same altitude as the race course.

The tour will involve some riding and recovering, exactly the way all pro’s do it!
As the main activity will be the morning ride, you will have plenty of time to relax in the afternoon. You will ride with experienced guides who are racers as well, happy to share all their knowledge with you!

Our hotel is in a fantastic mountain town located at 2400m above sea level, offering incredible rides and outdoor activities.   The last day, we will ride to Boulder and check in at the hotel where we’ll spend the first three nights of the race. You’ll be perfectly acclimatised by then, and ready to ride at your normal power!

Join us for the full 5 days acclimatisation, or however many days you wish - you choose!  You will just need to be at our hotel in time for the start of the morning ride your first day.  We can book you in for the extra night the day before your first day if you wish.

What's included:

  • All hotel accommodation in a comfortable 3* mountain lodge above 2000m near Boulder
  • Healthy breakfasts and dinners
  • 2 Punto Guides on tour (one fully qualified mechanic)
  • Van support throughout tour
  • Private massage every day, (40 min)
  • All in-tour transfers
  • Snacks and food supplements including electrolytes, gels and energy bars during tour
  • Garmin loan unit with maps for duration of tour

Day One -  Warm-up Ride
Main Route: 45km
Total Ascent: 750m

Day Two - Haute Route Day 1 course recon
Main Route: 75km
Total Ascent: 1500m

Day Three - Haute Route Day 2 course recon
Main Route: 75km
Total Ascent: 1500m

Day Four - Haute Route Day 3 course recon
Main Route: 75km
Total Ascent: 1500m

Day Five - Ride to Boulder
Main Route: 55km
Total Ascent: 1200m

Day Six - 'Goodbye' Day
First day of Mavic Haute Route Rockies

Recommended Arrival Airport: Denver
Recommended Departure Airport: Denver

(Airport transfers not included)