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One of the rewards after a climb is to enjoy the view! Greetings from Corsica.
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La vie est belle in Corsica! Greetings from our tour on day 2 in Calvi with a group from Ride Studio Cafe

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Lakes and Giro di Lombardia

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As a novice rider in 2006 I undertook my very first European cycling adventure with Vince and Puntos. Although I have lived a very active life blessed with good health and many adventurous outdoor pursuits my experiences and memories of this first Italian trip will remain with me forever. The very first ride out of our hotel in Montalcino (Tuscany) descending into the valleys of rural Tuscany was as sensational as my very first scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Every day was an amazing experience with a very personal highlight for all of us being a very cautious and successful (double) ascent of Stelvio.… read more

Bob de la Motte