PuntoTours and their trusted team combine Australian friendliness and European local knowledge to bring you cycling tours like no-one else. With over a decade of experience in turning dreams into reality, let them show you how amazing a cycling holiday can be.
Chris - Australia - 2009
If you are after the idyllic cycling experience whilst enjoying the best of the Italian culture, then travelling with Punto Tours is the way to go. From the best in food and accommodation to a great choice of fantastic rides and events, Vince was able to put together a package to suit the needs of the cycling enthusiast.
Danielle - Australia - 2017
After just completing our second Punto tour in the Burgundy region of France, I wish to heap huge praises to Vince and Davide for an amazing ride. Beautiful countryside, great accommodation, fabulous food and wine but most importantly exceptional riding companions. A special thanks to our cycling sommelier guide, Davide.
We will be back again Vince
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