PuntoTours and their trusted team combine Australian friendliness and European local knowledge to bring you cycling tours like no-one else. With over a decade of experience in turning dreams into reality, let them show you how amazing a cycling holiday can be.
Graham - Australia - 2016
The flexibility that you have within your structure cannot be matched, Punto is brilliant. In this day where nobody really gives a damn about anyone else it is rare to find a Company that actually does what they say they will do and genuinely want to provide a service to their clients. Vince your effort to put on an impromptu BBQ was way above and
Matt - Australia - 2007
I've been on two bike trips to Italy with Puntotours and they were fantastic. Riding the classic climbs of the Stelvio and Gavia were highlights, but it's lots of other experiences like an early morning espresso at the local cafe with the tradies in their overalls, a lathering in mud at the traditional Roman baths at Bagni di Bormio or a fe
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