We are very pleased to announce that our partnership with exclusive Italian bike builder Cipollini continues.  Few names in the cycling world are more synonymous with style, flamboyance, class and race pedigree!  Our clients loved the BOND, some of them buying their own.  How could we resist adding the new generation, 100% Italian made BOND EVO bikes to the PuntoTours stable?

Whether you are seated on the BOND or BOND EVO, all our Cipollini hire bikes are fitted with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting and come with compact gearing ideally suited for the European terrain.  

Wrench Science were impressed.  "This is a bike that strikes the right balance between racing and comfort.  With some clever engineering, the frame's top section introduces a suppleness to deflect road vibrations, but takes nothing away from the responsive ride expected of a Cipollini.  The super stiff down tube and sturdy chainstays transfer all the pedal power to the road."

We have no doubt you will love your time with an icon of bicycle brands!


If you wish to hire a bike, simply indicate this when booking.  In due course we will ask you to complete our BikeFit Form, which can be downloaded from your Member Account.  Note that with fully integrated head sets, we'll ensure that the bike is set up as closely as possible to your requirements before you come on tour.  If you really need the bike to match your current riding position, please think about bringing your own bike. 

We are moving to disc brake bikes, so it will no longer be possible to request preferred side for the front brake.  As the bikes are of European delivery, the front brake lever will be on the left.  PuntoTours will service the bike and ensure that it is in optimum riding condition.  

Please remember to bring your own pedals and shoes, and your saddle if you can only get comfortable on yours!

Hybrid bikes and electric road bikes available on request.

Your responsibility:  The bike is loaned to you in good faith that you will look after it as if it were your own.  We ask that you always place the bike sensibly when not riding and not leave it unattended.  When riding your bike we ask that you don't take any unnecessary risks.  We understand that accidents can happen and do not hold you responsible for any loss or damage to the bike, unless we deem that the damage or loss to your hire bike is due to your reckless behaviour.  


For some, there's nothing better than doing a tour with an 'old' friend. Please make sure your bike has been recently professionally serviced and has the appropriate gearing for the tour. More details will be provided in your Pre-Tour Information upon booking.

Things to check with your travel insurance for your bike - will it cover your bike to market value; will it cover any sort of loss, theft or damage both in transit and whilst on tour; will it cover you if participating in a race event such as a Granfondo?

For those bringing their bike, there will be a courier charge to transport them from the start to finish hotels. Transport of soft bike cases may be free of charge, but ultimately it depends on there being sufficient space in the van.  Transport of bike cases for guests who wish to leave mid-tour, will be at an additional fee.

Our guides will have the necessary tools for you to reassemble your bike and will be happy to assist if needed. While on tour, our mechanically trained tour guides carry basic spares and will be able to fix punctures and minor repairs free of charge.  However, any parts and repairs by bicycle shops along the way will be at your expense.



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