We design our tours so that enthusiastic riders of varying ability can enjoy the sheer pleasure of a cycling holiday.
Our tour Elements allow you to choose the style of tour you would like, along with a difficulty rating to help you join a tour group that will have similar ability and fitness.
Everyone has good and bad days, even the Pro's!  We will give you all the support you need to revel in the experience and exceed your expectations.

Any level of difficulty can be incorporated into a custom tour.  Check out our WATER bespoke tours for more information and ideas.


The easiest tours for cyclists just starting out or occasional riders.  For this super easy tour, please contact us about tailoring one of our Earth tours for you and your private group.


Sometimes a ride is about simply spinning the legs over and taking time out, or maybe you've suddenly discovered you are really enjoying this cycling gig and are up for a holiday on a bike.  Such tours are ideal for cyclists wanting a recovery week (escape?) or beginners looking to up the ante just a little.


Now we're talking!  Rides allow cyclists to explore further over terrain that will have its challenges.  Great level of riding for regular riders who would like to improve their bike skills and push the envelope, with our full support all the way.


We crank it up a notch with some intense climbs, long switchback descents or more distance.  Maybe finish with a Granfondo.  Or all of the above!  Riders should be confident cyclists with good fitness.


This is where the going gets tough!  The true spirit of cycling at the edge, fighting against your own limitations over the toughest terrain. Riders need to be experienced and fit, capable of a physically demanding day in the saddle.




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