Meet Our Bike & Charity Partners

We are privileged to have the very best supplier partners look after us and our guests. 
Let us know if you would like to order any equipment from their awesome product range, ready for your arrival on tour. 
We will be able to arrange competitive pricing, depending on the model you choose.

We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Cipollini bikes for our hire bike fleet.  These fully Italian made bikes designed with the passion and extensive knowledge of champion cyclist, Mario Cipollini and the latest technology are creations of beauty and performance.  You can learn more about these incredible bicycles on our bikes page and the Cipollini website.  Our guests will be riding the Bond, an awesome bike that lives up to its namesake.

Although a relatively young company, KASK leapt to the forefront of providing technologically excellent, ergonomically designed helmets for athletes that require the very best protection for their heads.  As CEO of KASK quotes "Every great adventure starts in your head.  We take care of it."

At the heart of KOO eyewear is the ethos of painstaking research, technological development and superior materials coupled with the rigour of functional and aesthetic design.  "Born in Italy, worn around the world", these premium performance products have such style and safety, KOO eyewear is taking the sporting world by storm.  

In the long tradition of Venetian high quality footwear, DMT produces hand crafted cycling shoes.  The shoes are designed using the latest in modern know-how and technology, with innate Italian style and creativity. 

"Alé is colour, it's dynamism."  Begun more than thirty years ago, Alé wanted to bring something fresh and new to cycling.  They came up with a neon look that is now known worldwide.  Their R&D lab continuously strives for innovative solutions to materials and design to provide cyclists with the best performance and maximum comfort, no matter the conditions out on the road.

With their test team of professional riders, amateur groups can take advantage of having the Alé team create custom kit that is as good as it gets.



PuntoTours is also very proud to support some amazing charity organisations that work to provide a future for children in need, in different parts of the world.

Toybox is committed to supporting Australia's sick and disadvantaged children by purchasing vital equipment and therapy to conquer the challenges life has brought these children.  Toybox funds incredible escapes so they can enjoy welcome distractions and inspiration to make their journeys easier, and funds necessary for research so that future generations will not have to face these same challenges.

The beauty of Toybox is that the charity allows supporters to select specific equipment or therapy for a particular child in need.  PuntoTours uses the funds from the sale of our cycling kit each year to purchase specially built tricycles for children with cerebral palsy.  The bikes give these kids new found mobility and freedom, allowing them to more easily accompany their families on outings and even riding to school.

PuntoTours regularly assists in events held to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House in Perth.  Western Australia is a huge state!  If it was its own independent country, it would be the 10th biggest in the world by size. France would fit into Western Australia 4 times, Germany over 7 times and the United Kingdom almost 11 times! 

Sick children who live in remote, outback areas are a long way from home while having lengthy treatments for serious illnesses.  RMHC allows the child's family to stay with them for the duration, relieving the family of much of the financial and day-to-day worries at a time when their anxiety is extreme.  PuntoTours helps where we can, riding with the McDonald 'Ride for Sick Kids' or donating a cycling tour for auction nights.

This amazing charity raises funds to assist children with Type 1 diabetes in the poorest South-East Asian region.  Without insulin, access to health facilities and education in treatment for them and their families, these children would die.  A4D gives these children a future. 

PuntoTours is proud to assist A4D by arranging the fund-raising cycling tours for their extremely determined and committed riders who pedal hundreds of kilometres and ascend thousands of metres to raise as much money as possible.  Like PuntoTours, you can also directly assist by sponsoring a child so that they might look forward to growing up and making their own contribution to the world.

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