Qualify this year in our hometown Varese for the 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships (also in Varese!) Livigno Altitude Camp. The perfect Pre UCI World Championship Albi Tour. Haute Route Rockies & Rockies Acclimatisation Tour. Crete October 2017. After our first tour, we're now excited to offer a special on our Crete Tour.

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PuntoTours was established by a couple of passionate cycling enthusiasts with a love for Italy, it's culture and cuisine! They wanted to share the Italian's consuming love of cycling and the stunning countryside with family and friends, hence the birth of PuntoTours. Our friendly, professional guides combine this passion with extensive knowledge of the regions in which we offer tours to give you the experience of a lifetime. Our motto Veni Vidi Bici sums this up - come, see and ride!

Vincenzo UlgiatiVincenzo Ulgiati

Vincenzo is a dual Italian/Australian citizen who got hooked on touring Italy after his first tour in 2001. Coming from a sporting background in state indoor and beach volleyball, Vincenzo has never been one to sit around. Since retiring from volleyball he has competed in numerous Triathlons, including two half-ironman events.  During Triathlon he discovered he loved being on the bike most of all.

Vincenzo has been taking groups to Italy on cycling holidays ever since.  He speaks Italian and German fluently making some of those cross border raids into Austria and Switzerland that much easier. He knows the Alpine and Dolomite regions as well as Tuscany intimately, and loves getting cyclists of all abilities to discover their hidden potential.


Andrea NicosiaAndrea Nicosia

Andrea's love for the bike began at the age of 13 racing mountainbikes. The bikes then were a far cry from the technologically advanced ones we ride today. Along with the bike, Andrea’s skill and joy for riding continued to develop, and he usually rides about 30,000 km a year. Over the years he has competed with the Italian junior cycling squad in the World and European championships, as well as mountain bike and road granfondos, with great results.

In 2002 Andrea decided to combine his passion for cycling with his love for the natural beauty, culture and gastronomical delights that only Italy can offer, by working as a tour guide. Andrea has accompanied over 400 guests from all over the world guiding them through unique regions of Italy, from the great Alpine and Appenine passes to the beautiful beaches of Sardegna and Corsica and everything in between. Andrea has an innate sense of service and combines this with his cycling experience and mechanical knowledge to guarantee a memorable time on any Tour.


Davide MarchegianoDavide Marchegiano

Born and raised in Ivrea, Piemonte, at the foothills of the Alps, Davide became passionate about bikes at age 12, when he turned his mom's bike into an off-road bike, before mountain bikes were even available on the market.

Davide studied philosophy of language at the University in Torino, spent many years as a ScoutMaster in the Italian Boy Scout Association, and served as an Officer in the Army, at the Alpine Troops Training Center.

He raced road and mountain bikes at national and European level until he chose to combine his passion with work, starting his career as a bicycle guide. He's been in the bicycle tourism business for 17 years, with different roles, including Chief Operating Officer of a major US-based company.

He joined PuntoTours in 2014 and is always happy to share riding tips and stories from the history of cycling with passionate guests.


Cristiano BoninoCristiano Bonino - Guide

Speak with Cristiano and you’ll soon see he is 100% Italian – despite his Bostonian accent.  That’s because he has now been living in Boston for a few years and has used his time well in the USA.  It has allowed him to broaden his experience and achieve a unique balance between two cultures.

Cristiano has enjoyed cycling for over 25 years and uses it as a metaphor on life.  He often says: "cycling offers great analogies for real life such as the sense of accomplishment at the end of aclimb, you learn your limits and so much more!"

Since 2001, he has been designing, selling and guiding trips, developing a passion for sustainable tourism, helping travelers discover new places, cultures and traditions, whilst respecting nature and local communities.

Cristiano speaks Italian, French, English and Piemontese dialect too. He has guided more than 65 tours in the past 10 years, mostly in Italy and France.  These are two of the countries he loves themost, given the great mix of food, wine, history, traditions and cycling culture.

Every day Cristiano is inspired by people who want to make this planet a better place, and he is excited to meet new travelers on tour!  You will find Cristiano’s enthusiasm for life contagious!


Fiona UlgiatiFiona Ulgiati - Guide

Fiona only started riding in her early forties, and was immediately hooked.  Riding at home was great but with Vince coming home full of stories about riding in Italy, she couldn’t wait to try it for herself.  If you now ask her “what’s it like riding in Italy” she will grin from ear to ear and tell you how fantastic it is – “the sense of freedom and the euphoria of achieving what ever goal you have set yourself is indescribable!  If I can ride in Italy, you can too.  Come do it – life is short!”

She has risen to the challenge of the Passo dello Stelvio more than once, and ridden some classic alpine granfondos, as well as being passionately in love with the rolling beauty of Tuscany.  So if Fiona isn’t riding as guide on an easy or intermediate tour, cheering you on, she will be providing road support or doing the behind-the-scenes paperwork that keeps us ticking over.


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If you are after the idyllic cycling experience whilst enjoying the best of the Italian culture, then travelling with Punto Tours is the way to go. From the best in food and accommodation to a great choice of fantastic rides and events, Vince was able to put together a package to suit the needs of the cycling enthusiast. I will never forget the sheer beauty of the Italian Alps and Dolomites and the mythical climbs that have become part of Italian cycling folk law. The schedule allowed time to experience the “feel” of each destination. more...