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If there really is a magical place on Earth, surely it is Ireland.

Imagine rainbows over lustrous heath and the chance of crossing paths with a leprechaun, his feet up on a pot of gold, or a four-leaf clover tucked amid emerald green grass. Dancers tapping an impossibly graceful blur of pointed toes to lively Irish music that will pull you to your feet.

In a landscape that can be seductively lush or ruggedly bleak, the Irish people are warm, kind-hearted and tenacious. The world is blessed to have the Irish, with their love of words and learning, sharp wit and readiness to party at a moment’s notice.

As Freud once said, “This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” As you cycle the scenic country lanes of this delightful isle with its equally delightful inhabitants, expect to have loads of fun.


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