Past Monumental Tours in Germany

This is a country that at first glance simply epitomizes precision, but to get to know it, is to discover beauty and incredible hospitality. We explore the stunning Black Forest region of Germany, where the roads seem to be all newly laid tarmac. They even wash the roads if they get dirty! The hilly terrain climbs and dives through dense, pine scented forest where it seems the air is fresh and bursting with newly minted oxygen.

The environmentally conscious Germans closely manage this magnificent and invaluable resource as much as the interesting little villages that are the definition of spick-and-span. Further south, manicured vineyards of the Kaiserstuhl share the landscape with the trees, creating rolling panoramic vistas that just cry out to be photographed. Wherever we go, the locals greet us with warm smiles and a generosity that is uplifting. This all adds up to a cycling region that we must have in our top ten!


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