Our easiest tours that combine the rolling pleasures of cycling, with leisurely afternoons and cultural highlights, finishing with indulgent dinners and fine wines. The best recovery riding ever!

If you are new to cycling, or after a definite change of pace, our Earth tours offer the chance to stop thinking and enjoy simple pleasures. Morning rides in beautiful terrain, with a little heart starter if desired. Tasty casual lunches in delightful stopovers before the saunter back to your hotel. Afternoons where the serious pursuits are siestas, relaxing by the pool, strolling through town or enjoying hand-picked cultural experiences.

Our tours are known for delicious dinners featuring seasonal, local dishes and we love to share our latest finds and must-taste favourites, accompanied by virtuoso regional wines.

These tours are ideal for non-riding partners to share the discovery of stunning locations and return from holiday rejuvenated and inspired.

AVERAGE DAILY ELEVATION | 300-1000M | 980-33000FT


Upcoming Earth Tours

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