Past Moderate Tours in Australia

SPACE.  LIGHT.  BIG.  These are the words that often come to mind thinking of Australia, a land of contrast and miracles, ancient and new. Nowhere else is there an indigenous civilisation so intrinsically linked to the land, and the beginning of time, the Dreamtime of creation. Creatures on land and in water that evolved, so uniquely adapted to an isolated environment, they are like no others on earth. The birthplace of songbirds, and flowers like paper that last almost forever. A clarity of light that feels like you’ve at last opened your eyes.

A delectable taste of this brash, beautiful island can be experienced from one of the most isolated cities on the planet, Perth. This is the gateway to the magnificent western coast. Unrivalled, sandy white beaches, the sparkling Indian Ocean and the unbelievably fresh air that comes with being so far away from the rest of the world. Enjoy the sights riding around the city, along the coast and Swan River, or venture to the famous wine region of Margaret River and cycle through the soaring jarrah forests.


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